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Audio Visual Requirements
for all your AV requirements
& multi media equipment needs

Camera | Photography | Video
We offer camera & video services
for all types of events &/or parties

DJ Party Equipment / Gear
We stock a variety of DJ gear
from CDJs, mixers, speakers, mics ...

Decor | Draping
We can decorate & drape your event
from party decorations to weddings

Exhibition Equipment
Indoor & outdoor expo equipment
AV, electrical, furniture, lights, plants

Suppliers We Use

LCD | LED | Plasma - Screens
Need to hire audio visual screens?
Offering full range multimedia gear

View our full range of lighting options
Lights for - decor, dj, stage, party ...

Stocking all types of mics & access.
cordless, handheld, headset, lapel...

Mixers | Mixing Decks (Desks)
We offer mixers & mixing desks for
artists, bands, DJs, musicians...

Party Equipment | Party Lights
Disco party lights, gear & services
Full range of party gear & DJ lighting

Projectors | Projector Screens
AudioVisual Projectors & Screens
AV rental/ hiring services & gear

Need to rent PA Sound or equipment
for all types of events, parties, shows

Staging (Stage requirements)
Need stage deck, fashion show ramp?
We can deliver+build stage platforms

Stands | Trussing | Brackets
We stock all types of stands
Stands for AV, lighting, mics, sound

Custom Events Terms & Conditions